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Florida Automobile Insurance

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Auto Insurance Florida
Auto Insurance Florida

Buying Auto Insurance Florida

  • There are certain preliminaries that you must keep in mind before investing in insurance
  • Not all states are equal and insurance requirements across state laws vary
  • However, every state does more or less, stipulate a minimum degree of protection that an individual car owner has to obtain
  • Stay up to date with Florida automobile insurance requirements such as coverages for bodily injury, property damages, personal injury protection and uninsured motorist coverage

Auto policies

Most insurance seekers do not know that Florida has several in state insurance companies that write auto policies

  • All you have to do is provide us with some basic and general information so that we can customize auto insurance policies that specifically suit your requirements
  • We offer some of the best rates against both local and national carriers.
  • Discover policies and coverages that fit your budget.

Quick Tips for Lowering your Auto Insurance Florida

Maintain a Good Driving Record

  • If you have a good driving record without tickets or an insurance claim, you can lower your insurance rates

Take a driving class

  • Instantly lower your rate by avoiding points assessed to your driving record and by showing interest in remaining a safe driver
  • This can be especially helpful you younger drivers whom insurance companies consider to be higher risk

Select Higher Deductible or Lower Coverage Options

  • Selecting more out of pocket deductibles can lower your insurance premium
  • In addition, be sure to choose the right amount of coverage options for your individual situation
  • Reducing some coverage options can lower your overall price

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PIP Insurance

  • PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection, which is a no-fault coverage
  • It pays all lost wages and medical bills in case of an accident occurring in the state of Florida
  • The main form of insurance coverage for drivers of automobiles is PIP
  • You must ensure if your insurance covers patient consultation, walk-in clinics, roadside emergency service and primary care physician besides others
  • Even if the victim does not use EMS, the initial care provided by the entity or individual qualifies for treatment establishment within 14 days of the incident
  • Where you haven’t received treatment within 14 days, establish if you owned the car or not, if your spouse owns the car, or if pedestrians and bicyclists are covered and a few more

PD Insurance

  • One of the major types of coverage PD or Property Damage Liability required by the law
  • The cost of damages incurred by others – whether it is their car, house or any other personal property – ideally covered under this
  • Any financial liability that you face due to an accident and when someone else’s property is involved, then applies
  • The policy states that drivers will assume financial responsibility for the damage resulting from an accident caused by them
  • Typically, the coverage works on a per accident basis

Full coverage auto

  • In Florida, a full coverage auto insurance covers both property damage and personal injury protection
  • Uninsured motorist coverage available compensates damages not caused due to an accident
  • Weather conditions included, such as hurricanes – which are a common occurrence in the state
  • Insurers primarily have to pay up to a maximum of $10,000 in PIP coverage and 60% of lost wages and 80% of the medical expenses are paid by full coverage auto insurance
  • Add Med Pay coverage to the full auto coverage if you wish to have supplemental insurance

SR22 and Fr44

  • In order to get your license reinstated, and in the event of a conviction, you require SR22 and FR44
  • The Florida DMV receives a proof of coverage to show coverage by the liability insurance as required by the state
  • While insurance rates are expensive, the cost of filing the SR22 or FR44 is significantly low – this is because you are high-risk driver according to the state
  • High-risk driver license suspensions require an SR22 to restore your driving license
  • The SR22 attached to your motorcycle insurance policy

No Fault Insurance

  • As a no-fault state, Florida stipulates that the drivers of both vehicles, in the event of an accident, can turn to their claims regardless of faults
  • The No-Fault law also requires drivers to obtain PIP insurance coverage to avail of this benefit
  • Injury during an accident – easily seek medical treatment with the help of the No-Fault Law
  • Nevertheless, compensation is available only up until the injury threshold

Non-owners insurance

  • Also known as non-drivers insurance, both bodily injury and property damage covered under this
  • If you are driving a different vehicle , and need to file the SR22, then a non-owner insurance policy comes to the rescue
  • It might be a relatively expensive option, but the policy is still 5 to 15% cheaper than the standard insurance
  • This is particularly useful for those who share with car owners frequently

Basic Insurance Requirements for Florida

  • If you own a four-wheel drive, then it is mandatory to get a Florida auto insurance
  • Minimum coverage for PIP or Personal Injury Protection is $10,000 and for Property Damage Liability or PDL, it is another $10,000
  • Suspension of driving privileges by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles if you drive without insurance
  • Reinstatement penalties can be anywhere from $150 and can go up to %500 for ensuing violations

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