Get Auto Insurance and Medical Coverage

Car owners across the United States must keep in possession a basic personal auto insurance to provide them with some financial auto insurance medical coverage in the event of an accident or mishap.

About Auto Insurance

  • Individual car owners approach an insurance company to subscribe to financial protection in case of theft, loss or accident
  • For this you have to pay a premium, in exchange of which, the insurance company offers a policy outlining all the payments
  • To protect you from any damage that you cause, it is imperative to get a car insurance
  • There other optional clauses also available such as the comprehensive and collision coverage for the vehicle, which covers all bodily injury and property damage experienced by you
  • While financial relief is provided to the victims as well due to the harm you might have caused during the accident, there are some state-specific limits

Auto Insurance Medical Coverage

From the state

  • You must maintain the state’s minimum level of liability insurance in order to drive your vehicle, legally
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage with low deductibles and Gap Insurance required if your vehicle is leased or financed
  • This is due to third party involvement such as the bank or the dealer – these entities look forward to higher levels of coverage

Insurance coverage

  • Under Auto Insurance, you get coverage for Property, Liability and Medical
  • Property coverage offers you compensation against theft of your car or damage to it
  • Bodily injury and property damage caused to others gets covered under Liability
  • Auto insurance medical coverage includes the cost incurred for treating injuries, lost wages or funeral expenses
  • While personal auto insurance laws vary across most of the American States, customizable policies are made available to suit your budgets and requirements
  • When it is time to renew the policy, the insurance company sends a notice of renewal
  • Or for payment of the relevant premium


  • There are certain circumstances under which the auto policy offers coverage depending upon whether you were driving your own car or someone else’s
  • Coverages also available if your car is driven by someone else with your consent
  • However, the policy will not apply if your car is used for commercial purposes such as running errands, taking a trip, or delivering pizzas, etc.
  • The insurance applies only to personal coverage and does not involve ride-sharing services, Uber, Lyft or any other such activities
  • Supplemental insurance products are available if you wish to extend your auto insurance medical coverage across ride-sharing services, which comes at an additional cost


  • Most of the time auto insurance coverage varies from state to state and car financers and lenders also come with their own auto insurance requirements
  • Every state across the country stipulates mandatory auto insurance requirements, for car owners, covering the following aspects

Bodily injury liability

  • When costs are relative to death or injuries that you have caused or triggered by another person driving your car

Property Damage Liability

  • Costs incurred when there is damage to others’ vehicle or property when you or another driver is operating your car
  • Property defined as a fence, utility pole, building, and such others

Personal Injury Protection or PIP

  • Medical payments or PIP provides medical expense reimbursements to you and your co-passengers
  • All lost wages and associated expenses covered

Medical payments

  • Most of the states in the U.S. require drivers to purchase this insurance
  • The policy covers your passengers and yourself, irrespective of who caused the accident
  • If you are riding in someone else’s car, and suffer injuries, the policy still offers cover
  • Reimbursements available if hit by a cyclist, car or another vehicle as a pedestrian
  • Health insurance deductibles covered where c0-pays are available
  • It also takes care of dental and chiropractic service requirements
  • Generally, the coverage tends to be rather low – less than $10,000

Uninsured motorist

  • If you suffer an injury due to an uninsured driver, then coverage is provided to you
  • The insured motorist coverage also covers the same policy
  • It applies when in a serious accident, another driver inadequately covered cannot pay for the costs

At the same time, it is best to add uninsured motorist and PIP coverages into your policy even if your state does not offer them. You must also consider optional comprehensive, collision and glass coverage because,s most of the auto insurance policies, although mandatory, do not cover damage sustained by your car.

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