Standard Insurance vs Non standard Insurance in Florida

The term standard market insurance usually means more established companies with stronger financials. It can also mean in Florida a PIP and PD policy only. In Florida specifically, we are not required to purchase bodily injury coverage with your auto policy. However, should you cause bodily injury to a 3rd party, you may be responsible for getting an SR-22 and keeping minimum limits of 10/20 of Bodily Injury for 3 years. This catch 22 was designed by the Florida Legislators. The cost of no car insurance Florida can include suspension and fines so having no insurance is a real problem should you operate a motor vehicle in Florida.

Is a PIP and PD or basic insurance right for me?

Pip and PD only policies or basic car insurance Florida insurance is the most affordable insurance offered in the State of Florida. With Florida being the 3rd largest State in America prices of insurance are increasing as well. PIP and PD only policy offer low income, younger drivers, and even some fixed income people to have legal coverage within the context of Florida Law. This offers an inexpensive mix to people that would normally not be able to afford more coverage. In addition, adding comprehension and collision (Full Coverage) will protect your lienholder while the car is being paid off.

Car Insurance Florida

When PIP and PD aren’t enough (Standard Market)

The standard market of car insurance Florida is useful too. It provides additional coverages for people with assets like a house, stocks, bonds or ownership in a business. You Must Protect Your assets!  Driving is a financial risk should you cause bodily injury and have assets that they can go after. In the case of criminal responsibility like a DUI, you can also be held responsible above and beyond even your insurance limits.

You should be open to discuss your individual car insurance Florida needs with your agents to make sure you are not underinsured. Typical adding BI limits of 50/100 or 100/300 should be adequate to cover 3rd party Bodily Injury claims. In addition, you may need an umbrella policy to cover yourself. This works by having an additional limit of insurance should your original policy limits be exhausted. You can purchase this in one excess coverage with larger limits. Please discuss these affordable and important coverage options for wealthy individuals. Having it could literally save you a major financial loss and it more affordable than you think.


Many people complain about the costs of car insurance Florida and blame the insurance companies for profiteering. We hear little about lawsuits in Florida Driving down the highway or roads littered with signs to sue for car accidents. While we are sympathetic to real injury or death many of the things that you encounter in Florida Claims simply don’t have a doctor’s diagnosis that is meaningful enough to make broad assumptions.

In addition, there is a tendency for lawyers to ask for the moon and settle lower. This complicates the claims process costing insurers and claims departments time and money. What the consumer doesn’t is the years that it takes to settle a case once it is started. Rather than court the insurance company has to provide legal and claims departments in increasing size and expense. In Florida, a BI claim will also show up on reports with some carriers going back up to 5 years. If you are injured in an auto accident you should seek compensation for your loss and have every right to seek an attorney. You should also be aware this is a major cost driver of your car insurance Florida premium.

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