Florida Windshield Replacement – Full Auto Insurance Coverage

Does Insurance Cover Florida Windshield Replacement?

The windshield is covered along with your collision and comprehensive and full auto coverage.

Florida Windshield Replacement
Florida Windshield Replacement
  • Whether a window or a windshield, broken glass falls under the comprehensive physical damage part of the full coverage auto insurance
  • Before broken glass, repair or Florida Windshield replacement covered in many cases, your policy requires you to pay a deductible
  • While insurance funds your repair a deductible amount is something that you owe out of your own pocket
  • Determine your car insurance deductible before you get coverage. Deductibles can range anywhere from $250 to $1000

Costs of Windshield Repairs in Florida

  • Windshield repairs, if you decide to pay out of your own pocket could cost you between $10 and $325
  • But then again, this also depends upon the degree and extent of damage
  • A complete windshield repair could be around $325 but a small chip on the glass could be around $60.

Considerations with Windshield Damages in Florida

  • When you apply for a claim for your windshield, with some companies, the amount appears in the CLUE report
  • This can have an effect on up to 5 years of premium
  • Replace your windshield and file a claim in the event of severe damages
  • Search for the cheapest insurance option that you can get to pay out of your own pocket
  • Primarily, major damage to the front of your windshield is a safety issue
  • Address the need instantly

Cracked Windshield Laws in Florida

  • A damaged or cracked windshield doesn’t have any mention in the law books of Florida
  • At the same time, driving with a chipped, damaged or broken windshield can be illegal according to other relevant and issued regulations
  • Any type of signs, stickers or coverings not allowed on windshields in the state
  • The above, with the exception of those mandatory and stipulated by law such as toll payment devices, GPS devices, so on and so forth
  • This, particularly because the driver’s view of the road should not be obstructed as a result of these items or devices
  • Windshield wipers should remain fully functional in all vehicles
  • In case your damaged windshield interferes with the normal operation of the wipers, they attract legal citations
  • If chips and cracks on the windshield are smaller than a ¾ inch in diameter, the federal regulations of the state permit it
  • Additionally, they should be within 3 inches of another crack
  • However, none of these chips and cracks should be directly located in front of the driver’s view or on top of the steering wheel up to the windshield’s top edge
  • Generally, it is left up to a police officer’s discretion particularly due to lack of clear rules and regulations for cracked windshields
  • You may have to pay a fine, repair or replace your windshield and other cracked windows unless these malignancies are on the passenger’s side

Tinted Windows

  • Window tints allowed in Florida but come with some compliance and regulations
  • Non-reflective tint must be used, and the AS-1 line can only be tinted – this is provided by the manufacturer
  • Mirrored tints as well reflective tints disallowed
  • If you have installed any aftermarket tint, then a sticker to that effect has to be affixed on the door of the driver’s side – This would also identify the legality of the tint

Other Regulations – Florida Windshield Replacement

  • Signs, posters and other non-transparent materials permitted provided visibility not obstructed as per Obstructed Windshield Regulations
  • Replace your windshields with the same glass and quality to restore the vehicle to its original state according to replacement laws
  • The windshield wiper should always be in good working conditions and inoperable windshield wipers are unacceptable as per state regulations
  • Free windshield repairs are available with your comprehensive insurance. You may also receive a replacement with no deductibles charged


  • Vehicles used for grove farming in Florida, are exempt from the above rules
  • However, a windscreen protects against winds, rain and insects
  • Military vehicles that are old are exempt – but if you use them on a public road or a highway, the driver and the passengers must imperatively wear eye protection approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state

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