Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance – Florida

What does PIP Insurance implies ?

PIP is the acronym of Personal Injury Protection which is an integral part of car insurance that intends to pay for the medical expenses of you and your co-passengers right after the accident

The PIP Insurance in Florida always indexes No-Fault coverage which includes your medical expenses irrespective of assailant’s fault.

PIP Insurance Florida
PIP Insurance Florida

Who may prefer PIP car Insurance?

  • Normally the drivers who are responsible for the valuable lives of their passengers might prefer this Insurance
  • You might prefer it if you don’t already have a specialized health insurance plan as the car Insurance offers it along with the PIP insurance

What Situations does PIP auto insurance work?

Well! There are some to explore. One of which is;

  • You should be aware of PIP 14-day rule before enrolling in it
  • The 14-day rule states that you should have obtained medical aid within 14 days of the accident happened in and around Florida
  • Most importantly you must have owned a car at the time of the accident in Florida. If YES! Then eventually the PIP auto coverage comes into play.
  • If NOT! Then make sure that any of the person you know ( either a blood relation or a Friend )owns a Car. The PIP auto coverage applies in this situation

Florida’s 14-Day Rule

The 14-day rule which came into existence in 2013 was deployed mainly to curb the Insurance Fraud activities in and around Florida. This rule also lowers the expenses of Insurance companies and ensures the liability.

Normally, the immediate medical aid after an accident is pretty much a vital one. It’s advisable to consult a familiar physician in Florida to make sure that you don’t have any serious body injuries.

“It’s advisable to consult a physician within 14-days to reap the benefits of PIP Coverage”

PIP payout

The PIP coverage has a payout limit of up to $10,000 which includes a whopping 80% of medical bills and 60% of lost wages (only available in some of the states). These stats are solely for the residents of Florida.

Inclusions of PIP Insurance in Florida

The PIP Insurance in Florida also pays for some of these expenses which include;

  • Deductibles associated with health insurance policy
  • The surcharges which exceed your health Insurance coverage limits
  • The missed or lost income because of the accident ( this feature is available in Florida )
  • Moreover, it also pays for the Funeral Expenses associated with the covered accident

Exclusions | PIP Insurance

  • This PIP Insurance won’t pay for the expenses relating to the repairing actof damaged vehicle whereas Collision Insurance coverage does
  • Moreover, it excludes the vehicle theft whereas Comprehensive Insurance coverage helps you pay for that
  • Say, for instance, If you’re at the causing end of an accident, the PIP Insurance won’t pay for the damage done on Victim’s property whereas property damage liability helps you pay for that

The Need for Insurance attorney

Significantly, the PIP Insurance in Florida is intended you to protect from the tiring medical expenses and irritating lost wages associated with the accident took place in Florida.

Normally, Insurance attorney is a well-experienced professional relating to the Insurance policy field. He/She normally accompanies either an insurance company or a policyholder at the time of the dispute.

If an Insurance company in Florida is doing some fraudulent activities or not giving you the complete benefits of PIP Insurance, it’s advisable to look out for attorney’s guidance.

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