Privacy Policy

Information we obtain from you

We may obtain some or all of the information mentioned below while quoting, claim handling or during the application process,

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Social Security number
  • Driver’s license number
  • Date of birth

You may receive notifications or latest offer updates or deals on your email ID in case it was provided by you. This can also be used to transmit transaction confirmations or other application or quotation related info from our end with respect to an auto insurance policy.

Similarly, your SSN (Social Security Number) and Driver’s license number are very essential information that our website may require in order to complete a policy transaction. Misrepresentation or holding back any vital information about the vehicle or the license holder is a punishable offence.

Transaction related information

Before we render our service, we will need information on previous policies, coverage, history of claims if any and also other transaction related information.

Third-party information

Consumer reporting agencies provide information to regarding the user which can range between motor vehicle reports, claim reports and in certain cases, credit information. These are collected if and only if a quotation or an application process is initiated by the user in concern.

The user’s credit score rating or credit report will in no way be affected by the information that we may request or obtain from such third-parties. Moreover, our website and our representatives will have no access to the credit information of the user requesting for a policy quotation from us. However, when the user decides to purchase a policy from, they automatically allow us to confirm any claim history and/or motor vehicle records. These conditions are also applicable for users who wish to make a policy renewal with the help of our website.

Location information

Location of the user or of the motor vehicle for which the insurance is being applied for or purchased is an essential requirement. When the user refuses to provide this detail or misrepresents this detail we may either be unable to provide the correct quotation or not be able to provide one at all. This information will only be used to provide legitimate policies available in your region and not for identifying any specific individual.